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Three projects with the Tile of Spain seal are given the CID Award

“Casa MYM,” from Estudio Número 26 and Pastor y González Arquitectos, “Sobre Torres Blancas,” by Studio.noju and “Pabellón Agora Valencia,” by Arqueha and Miguel Arraiz were awarded
The COVERINGS SHOW held the "Coverings Installation and Design Awards" (CID Awards), which are organized annually to highlight residential, institutional, and commercial works for their design, as well as for the correct installation of ceramic pieces or stones from any part of the world.

On April 19th, 17 projects that stood out for their levels of creativity, craftsmanship and architecture were distinguished. Works that demonstrate original or unusual use of materials, incorporate innovative technology, reflect installation excellence, and successfully combine aesthetics with functionality. The projects have been evaluated by an independent jury made up of construction professionals and specialists in the ceramic and stone sector.

For the first time, three projects with Spanish ceramics have been awarded a "Special Recognition - International Award" within the "Commercial Tile Design" category. The Casa MYM project, located in La Albatalía, Murcia, designed by Estudio Número 26 together with Pastor and González Arquitectos; the refurbishing in Sobre Torres Blancas carried out by Studio.noju in Madrid; and, the Ágora Valencia Pavilion, a temporary installation that was located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia during the design capital in Valencia,  designed by Arqueha and Miguel Arraiz.

Casa MYM
MYM is a house in the orchard of Murcia that conveys through its materials the relationship between the environment and its structure. Pastor y González Arquitectos and Estudio Número 26 take the remnants of the orchard as a reference in this project made with ceramics, sheets, reeds, and wood. Folklore inspires the construction of this house fragmented into three volumes with fences made of ceramic tiles, cement, galvanized sheet metal and reeds; ceramic block walls; baked clay tiles; thermoclay walls; concrete and clay floors; ceramic latticework and glazed ceramic tile installations.

The refurbishing project of a house in the Torres Blancas building, led Studio.noju to consider the original ideas of the architect Francisco Sainz de Oiza, who imagined a tower of houses that rose like a vertical forest above the skyline of Madrid. The proposal takes as its starting point to pay homage to an icon of Madrid's architectural heritage. The result is a house whose main character is porcelain stoneware which covers all the flooring, planters and benches outside, thanks to the properties of the material. To further enhance the importance of these spaces, the exterior stoneware flooring juts into the home, serving as an access threshold and creating green surfaces inside.

Sitting in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento of Valencia, this modular pavilion narrates the story of the very recognizable design born on the shores of the Mediterranean.  It was designed by Miguel Arraiz and made with materials arising from ceramic innovation and traditions such as the double crochet by the artist Manolo García. The Arqueha studio was commissioned to carry out the technical development of the project, defining the future of digitized, industrialized, and sustainable construction. To accomplish this, different digital tools have been implemented with the aim of maximizing the number of prefabrication processes, maintaining the original design of the building.

Tile of Spain in COVERINGS
The CID Awards are granted by the organization of the Coverings Show, which was held April 18-21 in Orlando (Florida, USA). More than 50 ASCER member companies participated in the Official Pavilion organized by ICEX Spain, Export, Investment. Exhibitors members from ASCER.
In 2022, the US market was the number one importer of ceramic tiles from Spain, with an increase close to 16% and reaching more than 516 million Euros.
Casa MYM. Photo by David Frutos. Casa MYM. Photo by David Frutos. (20/4/23)
Tile of Spain Awards

ASCER organizes annually the Tile of Spain Awards of Architecture, Interior Design and Degree Projects aimed at professionals and students. Enter the official website.

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